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Boat Valeting & Cleaning

You want to enjoy your boat every time you use it so why worry about all the cleaning?

We offer a full boat valeting cleaning services for both inside and outside your boat and we can do it as often as you want taking the hard work out of boating leaving you to enjoy every minute. We can bring your boat back to life after a winter lay up or a period of non use making it ready for you to step onboard and enjoy.

We can cater for one off valeting through to contact services where we will look after your boat for the summer season or all year round maintenance.

Contact us to see how our boat valeting can help you.

Boat Polishing Gelcoat Repair

Keeping your boat looking at its best and protecting it from the elements is not easy but that’s where we can help. We can bring up dull and chalky gelcoat to an like new state bringing back its shine but also protecting the gelcoat at the same time. We will polish your boat to renew the gelcoat and then follow that up with marine wax and sealer to provide a protective bond that keeps UV and dirt from eating into the paint work.

Have a scratch or rub marks?

Through this process we can also remove scratches and stains from the gelcoat like the ones caused by fenders or a scratch from the pontoon we can professionally sort it and make it look like it was never there.

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